You’re doing it wrong!!!

I’ve just returned to my incredible home town of Adelaide and re-read this post I wrote on my holiday, I have 2kg to lose and it was all worth it. Now to make the most of what nature has to offer and do a few laps of Mount Lofty to walk off this holiday bum.

If you AREN’T putting on holiday weight, you aren’t doing it RIGHT. Before going on my honeymoon I lost 14kg, it was a strict diet with a lot of exercise. From the first day of my 6 week honeymoon I eased my diet and decided to ‘enjoy myself’ but I also promised myself that I would go to the gym everyday and that I would eat 90% healthy with only a little special treat every now and again. STUFF THAT.

Today was the last straw, I walked past a bakery and they had a sign advertising ‘Boston’s BEST cookies’ . . . that cookie wanted me and I wanted it . . . it allowed me to smell it’s freshness, it looked me up and down and decided it wanted to be inside my belly and I agreed. If I didn’t eat that cookie I felt that I wasn’t doing the right thing by this holiday, we are spending a lot of money for a once in a lifetime experience before having kids. Do I really want to get back home and go ‘I can still smell that cookie and I regret not trying it’ . . . if you are prepared to accept that you will put on a few kilos and if you are willing to work hard when you get home then I say GO FOR IT.

Why go on holidays and say NO to the things you really want? why miss out on tasting the towns special burger? the pumpkin pie? the fresh cookie or the giant Oreo cookie ice-cream? yes I am justifying putting on a few kilos but it totally makes sense yeah? yeah. I think I might use the same philosophy for the shopping I’m about to do in New York . . . “Babe, this leather jacket wants me and I want it” :-) just relax on your holidays, worry about the damage you do when you get back because if you worry about it over here you’ll waste an incredible opportunity.

PS. I will be commencing “Operation Holiday Bum” upon my return.

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