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Why is the sexuality of a contestant on My Kitchen Rules even a story?

If you’re going to make a big deal out of a reality TV star being gay, make sure you acknowledge the previous nine contestants that have already flown the gay and fabulous flag.

I was having drinks with my BFF Paul Wood today who also happens to be a contestant from the first series of My Kitchen Rules, we were sipping our espresso martinis when an article popped up labelled “MKR’s first openly gay contestant”

safe to say we both immediately spat out a mouthful of our delicious cocktail in disbelief


Clearly whoever wrote the article has never watched another season of MKR, I’m about to remind you of the open and proud gay contestants that have graced our screens. We so easily remember the villains that are thrust in our face and the headlines, but it’s now time to make you remember the contestants that served up the deliciousness in the kitchen and out of the closet.

Why has it taken seven years for the media to recognise that there is a gay contestant on MKR and why is it such a big deal? Amongst others, we had two gay couples on the show – two gay guys proudly in a relationship for 22 years and two beautiful gay women madly in love . . . yet this is the first “openly gay contestant” . . . we are fighting for marriage equality or more importantly ‘normality’ so if you’re going to make a big deal out of this, let’s give the other contestants the accolades they deserve . . . and by accolades, I mean . . . let’s talk them up and post fabulous photos.

It’s the catch phrase you all used for the next two years “Calm your Farm” that was Jake, Jake is gay. Jake is awesome. Or when Manu didn’t know how to describe the relationship between Kane and Lee in season 2 and chose to say “The public need to know that Kane is out of the kitchen” (a different spin on out of the closet) he was concerned afterwards because he didn’t know if his friends and family were aware.

Viewers were quick to notice that the gorgeous Carly and Tresne were more than just ‘friends’ but their relationship wasn’t announced until viewers had a chance to ‘get to know’ the girls first. MKR’s ‘First Lesbian’ couple are still together, now that’s worth a freaking medal after surviving the stress of a reality TV show.

And let’s think back to series one when Paul Wood was openly gay but it wasn’t made public until he fathered a child to a lesbian couple with the aid of a turkey baster. The turkey baster worked, Harper is now aged 5 and extremely loved by two sets of parents. I could only wish for two mums and dads . . . especially who can cook.

The most memorable gay contestant on MKR has to be Luke Hines the gorgeous personal trainer painted as the ‘hunk’ (he totally was though), he was memorable because he felt he needed to hide his sexuality until he finally came out a year later and shared his new love to the world. Luke, we don’t care if your gay we will still admire you the same way #rickymartin #hubbahubba

Seven years, nine gay contestants. So what? It hasn’t been a big deal until the media decided to pigeon hole one gay contestant. Jordan cooks tonight/last night with his mum and good on him for flying the gay flag, but if we start to individualise and point out someone’s sexuality . . . we will never get equality.


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