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That’s the Love I Want

When you’re 35 and divorced you look back on your dating life and compare the love you had in each relationship and you realise you never really did have that unconditional burning love, those moments where you instantly knew you wanted to be together. I know true love exists because I’ve heard the tales and seen for myself how much two people can love each other.

Just the other day Kirsty rang through on my 96.5 Wave FM breakfast radio show to share her love story. She has been with her partner for 10 years and they have beautiful 5-year-old twin girls. Apparently, it wasn’t easy bringing those little cutie pies into the world though, it was 3 tough years of IVF and they lost count at $115,000 in IVF Bills but when you are determined to be parents you’ll do whatever it takes.
It was worth it in the end because Kirsty explained to us that her children are so loved and wanted and even on their worst days they’re still the best days of their lives.

This was a solid family unit, something I’ve always wanted.

My friend Paul just bought a house with his partner, it’s their dream home that they worked so incredibly hard for. He recalled the time he met his partner and feeling that instant spark . . . probably too instant because he said they both looked across the table and couldn’t wait to rip each other’s clothes off it was a warm summers night that ended in passion and look where they are now.

Yes, they might occasionally argue over bills and not spending enough time together but that’s normal in a relationship, isn’t it?
You know what’s not normal? For both Kirsty and Paul? . . . That they can’t get married. They are in same sex relationships and even though their relationships are like everyone else’s we as a Country don’t acknowledge that. Yet I’m allowed to marry a man and get divorced within 16 months? Why am I so special? My relationship didn’t even come close to the love and strength of theirs.

For Kirsty, this is bigger than just being allowed to marry her partner. Her twin girls are about to start school . . . just as these campaigns start to be heard. Her children are going to have to defend their family unity and to sadly be told by some other children or parents that having two mums isn’t normal. Having two loving mums or dads is frowned upon but a Single parent whose partner has walked out and left them stranded is deemed socially acceptable?

A single parent is incredibly capable of raising happy and healthy children without the opposite sex parent there . . . so why can’t same sex relationships do the same?

To the ignorant voters that say children are disadvantaged if they are raised in a same sex relationship . . . how about you put that energy into picking on the parents that do the wrong thing by their children and to the people that are against same sex marriage and want to tick no . . . Why should you decide the fate of someone else’s happiness? Last time I checked the divorce rates it was about 50% of marriages ending in divorce. How about we get those numbers down and let anyone in a committed and loving relationship walk down the aisle and say I DO #voteyes.

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