Operation Double Chin Complete

I’ve done it. I’ve lost 14kg.

In February 2014 my weight had peaked at 84kg which was a gain of 14kg from when I first started on the Hot 30 Countdown weighing in at 70kg, it’s funny how I’ve been striving to get back to that weight but when I was previously at 70kg I hated my body and wanted to be skinnier after feeling the pressures of the TV Industry. Now I’m at 70kg again and couldn’t be happier with my body, we need to learn to love ourselves inside and out.

Those 14kg were weighing me down on so many levels, each kilo represented a dark time in my life and I wanted to shed the power they had over me and each time the scale went down I felt my sense of control coming back.

Yesterday I only had 300 grams to go before I hit 70kg . . I could have easily just skipped a meal and celebrated but that’s not the right way to do it. I had my appendix removed 2 weeks ago and was devestated that Operation Double Chin had to be put on hold, I was doing so well and was feeling great. We will always have set backs though, we just need to deal with them the best we can and for me that was sticking to a healthy diet and I managed to lose the final kilos without exercise and without starving myself #winning

When I look back on my life, I see pain, mistakes and heart ache. When I look in the mirror, I see strength, learned lessons, and pride in myself.

I used to say “I’ve tried everything” but what that really means is “Everything I’ve tried hasn’t worked” I haven’t TRIED EVERYTHING. Never give up and just keep trying, you will find a process that works for you and I bloody tried so many different diets and trainers and thankfully Pip Reed my Nutritionist and my PT from GoTo Fitness in Double Bay got the results I had dreamt of.  (sounds like a line from a commercial but it’s just the truth and they deserve a plug)

To my fellow ladies, concentrate on inner peace first because you need to love the inside before you can truly get the results you want on the outside and consult the professionals because for me stress and hormones played a huge role in my weightloss and a lot of PT’s are only trained in fitness and not naturopathy and nutrition. To the ladies that are currently size 8-10 and think they have “fat bits” or always feel the need to stick their arm out for “maximum skinny” in photos (I used to be like that too) please kindly slap yourself in the face and LOVE your body, maybe you need to gain 14kg to really appreciate what you have but now I am 100 times more confident with who I am inside and out. #learntoloveyourbody

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