The day I felt happiness again.

Never Give Up

Today I reached a milestone, I hit the 10kg mark in my weight loss journey which I refer to as “Operation Double Chin” I still have 4kg to go until I’m at the weight I was before I lost my identity.

For me losing the 14kg I have put on in the past 22 months isn’t about “feeling sexy” or trying to be “skinny” it’s about taking back complete control of who I am inside and out. I lost myself after the tragic event of December 2012, I became deeply depressed and struggled to be happy and with the depression the best option for me was antidepressants which unfortunately had a side effect of weight gain BUT you need to do everything you can to get better so it was the right decision. (There may have also been too many cheeky glasses of wine adding to the weight gain oops)

I have been trying to lose weight for 9 months and it has been so hard, I’ve tried a few different programs and diets and nothing was making the weight budge . . I even did the 30 Day Bikram Yoga Challenge and only lost 1kg which is just unheard of.

Recently I met an incredible lady “Pip Reed” whom is now a close friend, we were at the gym and she recognised me and offered her sympathies. Pip said she was a nutritionist and we had an hour long chat about my struggles with depression, weight loss etc and straight away she picked up on things she could help me with from not only the right meal plans for my mind and body but to get the right supplements into me to help rebalance my hormones and stress levels. The professionals say it’s about “diet and exercise” . . .It’s just about finding the “right diet” for you and getting to the core of your struggles. My personal trainer gets the best out of me everyday and I love going there to train, I need to give him a plug too so I don’t get punished with extra squats tomorrow “Goto Fitness in Double Bay” I have found the winning combination of Exercise and Diet.

I never gave up, I was determined to keep training and to keep trying until I lost the weight and it was important to me to regain complete control of who I am. We only have one life and life is precious, live it the way YOU want to live it and be Happy.

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