Guest Speaking

Mel has spent the past few years hitting the world stage to help empower and educate others “Your failure doesn’t define you, your determination does”

Below are some of Mel’s highlight events:

  • TEDX Talk on Cyber-Bullying
  • Radio Festival – Manchester
  • RadioDays – Milan
  • International Women’s Day – Melbourne
  • Outstanding Women’s Series – Sydney
  • Mumbrella Conference – Sydney


Getting your dream job is an incredible feeling especially when you’ve worked so hard to get it.

So what happens when it’s ripped out from under you and you face a tragedy that rips your world apart?

You lose everything you’ve ever known and find yourself seeping into a deep depression as everything crumbles around you.

What do you do? You learn how to fight.

One seemingly harmless phone call – the “Royal Hoax” – changed Mel’s life. She lost her job, plunged into depression and was the target of online trolling.

“One minute I was happy and healthy and the next my life had changed forever.”

Despite this onslaught, Mel never gave up hope and she wants to help others learn from her experiences.

More than 45 per cent of Australians will experience a mental health condition like depression in their lifetime.

It can happen to anyone and it can be triggered from a traumatic event or even the pressures of work and life.

Mel will share her experiences with depression and adversity and what she did to get through it and regain control of her life. You can get a second chance at life, you just need to fight for it.

For all bookings please email enquiries@melgreig.com.au