“Do women need to make hard choices to get ahead?”

On Wednesday I was involved in the Australian Institute of Management’s International Women’s Day debate team, I was a part of the affirmative team alongside two incredible women Wendy Tuohy and Sara James. We debated over whether or not “Women needed to make hard choices to get ahead” ABSO-FRIGGEN-LUTLEY . . . Here’s why. When
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The day I felt happiness again.

Never Give Up

Today I reached a milestone, I hit the 10kg mark in my weight loss journey which I refer to as “Operation Double Chin” I still have 4kg to go until I’m at the weight I was before I lost my identity. For me losing the 14kg I have put on in the past 22 months
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A message from Mel

This week I am in the UK to be a guest speaker at Radio Festival 2014 which is a 3 day Industry Event. I am here so people can learn from the tragic event that is known as the “Royal Hoax” call and to urge all media organisations and hospitals to review their procedures and
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