Skin Vision

Protect Yourself from Skin Cancer

When was the last time you checked your skin spots? I remember going to the dermatologist 1-year ago for the first time at the age of 39 . . . How could it have taken me that long to have my skin checked? I’m fair skinned with freckles and moles. It wasn’t until I moved
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My WHO Magazine 10-Week Best Body Reboot

If you’re going to start a new chapter in your life you need to do that as the ‘Best Version of You’ and after 3.20am wake-ups since the start of the year I knew my health had become second priority. I have put on 10kg and I feel unhealthy, the day I resigned was the
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Mel Black Outfit 1

I’ve Moved to Sydney

Nearly 3 years ago I moved to Wollongong as a Married woman and was getting ready to implant Embryos to try and start our little Coastal Family, but for most of us we discover that life has a different plan in mind and I’m now divorced and won’t be having kids. That left me 36
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Huge Announcement for Endometriosis Sufferers

Dear Endo Sisters, Today our pleas were heard, today is a huge step forward in ending the silence on the Chronic Condition that affects 1 in 10 women and it doesn’t discriminate. It affects High profile women such as Olympian Swimmer Emily Seebohm, Emma Watkins the Yellow Wiggle or even one of the worlds biggest
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Mel Denim Jacket 3

How much sleep do you actually get a night?

I work in breakfast radio and to any other shift worker that finds themselves waking up at 3.30am you’d feel my pain in having constant unsettled sleeps. It’s always such a challenge to fall asleep at the right time and it’s vital you nail 6hrs of sleep, but you never quite remember when you fall
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Mel Black Outfit 7

I ruined our first date

I met a guy recently and he is pretty damn awesome so I’m going to put it down to being out of practise and having a few nerves . . . it takes me back to high school where I just couldn’t get the racquet and ball to connect . . . I had a
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Troll Free Day March 16th 2018

Did you know that Australia is the Number One Country in the World for Cyber-Bullying? Enough is enough we have an epidemic on our hands and it’s getting worse. 1 in 4 children are cyber-bullied and it’s no coincidence that suicide is still the biggest killer of our young people. I created Troll Free Day
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selfie 2

That’s the Love I Want

When you’re 35 and divorced you look back on your dating life and compare the love you had in each relationship and you realise you never really did have that unconditional burning love, those moments where you instantly knew you wanted to be together. I know true love exists because I’ve heard the tales and
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