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Belly Bands for Endometriosis Surgery

“Everything about having Endometriosis is difficult, from the pain, stigma, mental health challenges and quality of life. But one of the worst things is when you have to prepare yourself for another surgery. Not only the fear of what they will find ‘this time’ but also knowing very well that you are about to be in an incredible amount of pain for up to 5-weeks.

I have delayed two surgeries in my life knowing that I did not have the support around me to help in the post-op stages . . . often my abdominal area was too tender to walk to the toilet let alone walk my Moodle (A moodle is a very cute little fluffy dog). Your tummy just doesn’t feel supported – it’s almost like everything might fall out.

So, when I was asked to try the new Belly Band I jumped at the chance. 

The thought of something actually helping me through my recovery and easing the pain was a welcomed opportunity.

Often I feel we are sent home with pain killers, an ice pack and told to rest and take care. But how do I take care? And what can I do to ease the pain on my tummy?

What I very quickly learnt from the range was that abdominal surgery recovery does not need to be as painful. I rarely promote products and if I were to do so, it would be something I genuinely believe in. I was contacted by @bellybands4u about trying their Belly Band and Heal Better Kit for post abdominal surgery.

All I can say is I wish I had this 5 Endometriosis surgeries ago. It is such a vulnerable feeling when you feel like your abdominal area is not supported but in the same instance, you are also in so much pain that you are wearing the loosest pants and knickers you have to keep pressure off, whilst spreading your arm the full length across to hold yourself together and give some kind of support to your inflamed abdomen.

This band is soft, supportive and can be adjusted to whatever pressure feels comfortable.

You can get the Belly Band separately or included in the Heal Better Kit, which includes eight essential healing items that help reduce infection, ease pain, manage scar healing and treat post-op bloating, lessening the risk of some complications.

There is also a FREE Heal Better mobile app that helps with your post-surgery recovery journey. Belly Bands worked in consultation with a healthcare professional to develop this app, which includes helpful information and videos about post-operative exercises, diet, home preparation, wound care, and scar therapy.

I would highly recommend trying the Belly Band and Heal Better Kit for your next Endometriosis Surgery.”

Mel Greig

Media Personality

Endometriosis Ambassador


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