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About Mel

36-year-old divorcee that refuses to settle for ‘Comfort’ on an adventure to re-ignite her passion. Let’s go back to the beginning though.

At the age of 16 Mel set off on her first adventure and that was to self-discover, only problem was that she ran away from home and went down a bad path to achieve that. Radio was her saving grace, becoming a volunteer at Fresh FM in Adelaide and commencing 19 years of a rollercoaster radio ride.

Mel worked on and off the air in radio for years, chasing that big dream to replace Kyle and Jackie O on the Hot 30 Countdown which was the Biggest Radio Show in the Country. At the age of 30 her hard work paid off and Mel became a co-host of the Hot 30 interviewing the world’s biggest stars like One Direction, Rihanna and Ed Sheeran, little did she know that her dream role would soon turn into a nightmare.

After 10 months into her dream role, Mel was involved in the tragedy that is now known as the “Royal Prank Call” and it changed her life forever. A battle for life now faced the 30-year-old who was once full of passion and love for life, major depression set in and a tough journey was ahead.

Mel beat the depression and used strength she didn’t know she had to rebuild her life, she says “Once you Choose Life, you’ll do everything you can in your power to keep it” her battles didn’t end there with no other employers wanting to employ her for 2 years. Her relationship crumbled, and she lost her mother to Pancreatic Cancer . . . but she continued to battle through and build more and more resilience as she went through the pain.

Mel was finally given a break in 2015 when she was offered a breakfast radio role in Wollongong, at one stage she didn’t know if she’d ever work in radio again but her never give up attitude had other plans. Mel stayed in that role for nearly 3 years and has recently resigned and moved back to Sydney to once again re-build and re-discover herself after the 3.20am wake-ups and divorce took its toll.

Mel is currently doing a 10-week Best Body Reboot with WHO Magazine to reset her mind and body, believing that your health and happiness should always come first. She has projects lined up but is also leaving a lot to fate ‘You need to trust your journey.’

Mel is a regular on our TV screens, as well as doing two reality TV shows ‘The Amazing Race Australia Season 1’ and ‘Celebrity Apprentice Australia’ you’ll find her on various panels sharing a story or opinion, she’s certainly not a fence sitter. She is continuing to write her weekly column for Yahoo 7 BE about navigating around the Modern Dating World, which she describes as a Jungle on Heat.

As well as working in the Media, Mel is an MC and Host and an avid Charity Campaigner. Mel is a long-term Ambassador for Endometriosis Australia and the Founder of a National Day of Awareness against Cyber-Bullying.

Who is Mel? This BIO hardly scratches the surface, contact to discover more.

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