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About Mel

Mel Greig worked in the ‘Media Industry’ for over 20-years across radio, television, print and digital in over 10 different roles including creative strategy, public relations, marketing, communications, social media, media advisor and as a presenter across the biggest networks. Transferring those skills into the corporate space to now offer services as a media and public relations specialist, communications expert, marketing executive and social media manager.

Mel is still consistently on our TV screens as a Brand Spokesperson, now having appeared in over 50 TV interviews across all networks. As well as doing two reality TV shows ‘The Amazing Race Australia Season 1’ and ‘Celebrity Apprentice Australia’ you’ll find her on various panels sharing a story or opinion, she’s certainly not a fence sitter.

As well as working in the Media and Corporate Industry, Mel is an MC and Host and an avid Charity Campaigner. Mel is a long-term Ambassador for Endometriosis Australia and a strong advocate for Mental Health, Cyber-Bullying, Pancreatic Cancer, Body Positivity and Vulnerable Youth.

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